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Enriching Our Vultures

As the Curator of Birds at OBS, I have the privilege of caring for our birds on a daily basis. Part of my job includes coming up with creative ways of enriching the lives of our birds.
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"Baby, it's cold outside!"

Find out the who, what, where, when, and why of winter at OBS.
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"Baby, it's cold outside!": Week 2, featuring Phoenix and Elliott

Meet two of our birds, Phoenix and Elliott, who live inside during the winter!
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"Baby, it's cold outside!": Week 3, featuring Kevin!

Learn about Kevin, our osprey!
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Rehab Case Files: Barred Owl

This week, we are featuring a Barred owl that we received just before the new year.
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Rehab Case Files: Great Horned Owl

Check out a few of the birds we are currently treating at the Sanctuary
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Rehab Case Files: Screech Owl x 4

The stories of four screech owls in our care at the moment.
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Rehab Case Files: Imping a Great horned owl

Our first blog in January featured a Great horned owl who was missing several of her primary feathers, which are essential for flight. This past weekend, we were able to complete the process of "imping" (implanting feathers)for this bird.
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