Junior Naturalists and Junior Volunteers



The Ohio Bird Sanctuary Jr. Naturalists began in 2000 as an opportunity for Jr. High and High School aged youth 13-18 to learn more about their environment, serve as ambassadors of the Sanctuary, become leaders and to have fun and fellowship in the out-of-doors. There are 12-15 students in this group. The program begins in February and runs through December.  Places we have visited include: Penitentiary Glen Rehabilitation Facility in Kirtland, the Cleveland Museum, Back to the Wild, Crane Creek, and the Seneca Caverns. We also traveled to  Nelsonville to ride the Hocking Hills Canopy Tour zipline and the Toledo Zoo to visit the Karner Blue Butterfly project. Camping  and canoeing are two of our favorite field trips. We have camped along the Mohican River, at the Wilds, and on South Bass Island, in Lake Erie. We have canoed the Black Fork, the Mohican, the Walhonding, the Hocking  and the Muskingum Rivers. This is a very active group of self-motivated and environmentally conscious young people. 


Becoming a Junior Naturalist

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Jr. Volunteers

The Jr. Volunteer program was begun in 2011 as a way for young people to experience what is expected of the OBS Jr. Naturalists. It is a bridge between our Summer Camp program and the more involved These children meet with the Jr. Naturalists at a joint meetings,  learn about the natural history of the area,  and assist the Jr. Naturalists with the Mohican Wildlife Weekend and the OBS Family Fall Festival in October.These young folks are 13 & 14 years old. They graduate into the Jr. Naturalist program after their first year provided they are suited for the rigorous program and want to continue. They may continue to be a J.Vee the following year, if necessary.

The J.Vee program runs from February to December. If your child is interested in becoming a J.Vee, please email Jan at:

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