Planned Giving


Your Gifts will support today's services and preserve the Sanctuary for future generations


Planned Giving = Sustainable Sanctuary




You may be thinking that Planned Giving is not for you and it feels a bit overwhelming. There are some simple ways that anyone can consider supporting the Sanctuary through non-cash assets. 

The gifts we give to our favorite charities are often based off of our cash assets. Only 5% of the  nation’s wealth is in cash. The majority of our assets are in investments, retirement funds, and property. The benefit of considering these other assets as potential charitable gifts is that the gift will not impact your cash flow and can provide substantial income and estate taxes benefits. Gifts can support sustainability of the Sanctuary either through be designated to support for current daily operations or to be invested as an endowment to aid in the support of the Sanctuary long term.

 Contact: Executive Director Gail Laux, or 419-884-4295  with any  questions. 






Gifts from Will or Trust

Designate the Ohio Bird Sanctuary as a beneficiary in your will. This can be done as a specific amount or a percentage of estate. This does not effect cash flow during your lifetime and can be easily revoked if your situation changes. Through a will you can also state OBS as beneficiary of IRA or retirement plan. Benefit: This will defer income tax or estate tax that would incur if left to spouse, children or other loved one.


Gifts of Stocks or Appreciated Securities

Gifts of stocks or securities can be more beneficial to the donor than the gift of cash.

 Donated stocks that have been held for a year or longer are eligible for a federal income tax charitable deduction.  You  will not be required to pay capital gains (as long as stock given directly to organization and not cashed in first).

Beneficiary of Life Insurance

Can provide either immediate or future support of the Sanctuary

  • Donor can donate a paid up policy or make the Sanctuary the beneficiary of their policy.
  •  If donate value of policy donor can take deduction and deduct future premium payments.
  • If OBS designated beneficiary it will remove the policy value from the taxable estate.


Lifetime Gifts Retirement Plan/ IRA

Your IRA can be taxed up to 70% if passed on to heirs. If you are 70 or order you can transfer up to $100,00 each year from your IRA to charity and it is not recognized as income. This donation would also counts towards minimum requirement from IRA for the year.

Benefit: Retirement funds paid to family can be subject to heavy income and estate taxes, but are tax-free to charity.


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