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Something for Everyone

The Sanctuary's living museum is home to over 30 different species of native songbirds and raptors, that due to an injury can no longer survive in the wild. These birds permanently reside at that Sanctuary as ambassadors for their species.  Our 90 acre preserve with hiking trails provides important habitat  for 52 species of breeding birds and migratory species.

All live bird displays are outside and wheelchair and stroller accessible. 


The Sanctuary Visitor Center Lobby will be under going renovations January-February 2018. The Sanctuary will be open during this time but there will be limited access to the lobby and bathroom areas. 

Pets are allowed on the trails system and must be on a leash and controlled by their owners at all times.

Dogs are not allowed around the bird enclosures or in the buildings. 



Live Bird Displays

Come enjoy and learn about the avian ambassadors of the Sanctuary. These masters of the air range from Baltimore Orioles to to Bald Eagles. The birds are housed along our brick walkway for easy viewing. 


Songbird Aviary

The Sanctuary's 40 ft by 80 ft songbird aviary houses an array of songbirds and grassland species. The boardwalk provides visitors with easy access and enhanced habitat provides  the birds with the opportunity to find refuge in trees and recirculating stream. Enjoy feeding the friendly Blue Jays and Doves by purchasing their special diet for .25 cent in the Visitors Center. 

Rules for Admittance to aviary

1. To protect the birds, when entering,  one of the double doors must be closed at all times. 

2. All children must be supervised by an adult.

3. No pets or food allowed in aviary

4. Do not attempt to touch or pet the birds. 

5. Respect that this is the bird's home and please do not run or make excessive loud noises. 

  Up close and personal encounters!





The Sanctuary has 4 miles of trails winding through 90 acres of meadow, riparian and old growth forest. A portion of the Wood Duck Trail, in our optimum birding  habitat, is wheelchair accessible. (If you require direct access to the boardwalk, contact the Sanctuary on day you plan to visit to verify the accessible parking for this area is open)



The Sanctuary has three main buildings, five live bird display units, a songbird aviary and an octagon flight cage. The Visitor center and Educational building both  provide ADA restroom facilities.  The gift shop, business office and bird receiving area are located in the visitors center. All educational programming and special events are hosted in the Education Center. For the health and safety of the birds,  rehabilitation of recovering birds is provided in secluded areas outside of public view.

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