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Our Animals

The mission of the Ohio Bird Sanctuary involves rehabilitation of native species of birds. Our goal is always to release admitted injured and orphaned birds back into the wild. However, this is not always possible. The Sanctuary is home to 60 permanent residents, including raptors, vultures, and songbirds.

Portraits of our animals compliments of David Fitzsimmons




Highlight: Diesel (Red-shouldered hawk) was retired from the sport of falconry when her handler realized she only wanted to hunt earthworms and grasshoppers instead of sizable prey. Diesel is a human imprint, which means she does not recognize her own species. If you visit on a mild autumn day, you may see the staff flying her in the meadow.

Other Resident Hawks: Ruby & Ray  (Red-tailed); Tundra  (Rough-legged); Fiat (Coopers), Pierce (Broad wing) and Phoenix (Harris Hawk).



Highlight: Seymour (Great-horned owl) was brought to OBS as a nestling in the winter of 2004. She had broken her wing after falling from the nest and is unable to fly. Seymour now helps to educate people about the unique adaptations of owls.

Other Resident Owls:  Monty, Cairo (Barn); Apollo &  Barkley (Barred); Winnie, Ellie and Duke (Screech).





Highlight: Pippin  (Peregrine falcon) was struck by a vehicle in the fall of 2013 and sustained damage to one of his wings that does not allow him to fly well enough to hunt and survive in the wild. Peregrine falcons in the wild can reach speeds of up to 270 miles per hour in flight.

Other Resident Falcons: Blaze (Peregrine) & Niles (Kestrel).






Highlight: Ted (Bald eagle) was brought to OBS in the fall of 2014 after he was struck by a vehicle. He sustained fractures to both of his wings that make him unable to fly. Ted is named after a dedicated OBS volunteer, Ted Eklund. He is a timid bird, but if you are quiet, you can view him in the enclosure that he shares with Gus and Tahoe.

Other Resident Eagles: Gus. (Named after volunteer Angus Barton) Saint Alice & Tahoe






HighlightKevin was rescued from the side of the road in the summer of 2016 and brought to OBS. Sometimes we do not know the reason why a bird is downed. Kevin was unable to fly at the time of his rescue. At present, he has questionable vision and survival skills. Osprey are almost exclusively fish-eaters, so if you or anyone you know enjoys fishing, please consider donating whole fish to OBS for Kevin!







Highlight: Elliott*  (Black vulture) was illegally hand-raised by humans before being brought to OBS in the summer of 2015. He is now a human imprint, which means he does not recognize his own species. Elliott is intelligent, like all vultures, and has a big personality, as well as a talent for getting into everything.

Other Resident Vultures: Ichabod &  Ralph (Turkey vultures).






Our American crows, Cece, Colee, Sheryl & Edgar were illegally hand-raised by humans before being brought to OBS. They are intelligent birds, capable of problem-solving and mimicry. If you visit, you may be lucky enough to hear them say “Hi, Owl”, "Cool It" or bark like a dog.



Our Aviary is home to several species of songbirds, including blue jays, cardinals, mourning doves, rose-breasted grosbeaks, orioles, and Ned the gull. You may walk through our Aviary and feed the birds with cups of food purchased in the Visitor Center. The blue jays are very curious and may investigate your purse, watch, jewelry, etc.

Tangerine is a Baltimore Oriole. He is one of the orioles that inhabit the aviary. He suffered an injury to his shoulder when he was struck by a car. A fan of oranges Tangerine  will also take meal worms from visitors if they sit quietly and earn his trust. 




Bantam Chickens

Lucy & Gloria & Hazel : These two chickens are ambassadors for birds as a whole. They travel with our staff to preschools and are also part of our Feathered Friends program. When they are not working, they can be seen wandering around the Visitor Center.



Non-Avian Animals

Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit 

Benjamin and Peter are  a few of our non-avian animal ambassadors. They travels to preschools with our staff to educate students and is also part of our Feathered Friends program. When they are not traveling, they can be seen in the Visitor Center or enjoying their outdoor enclosures.



Eastern Box Turtle

Sheldon another of our non-avian animal ambassadors. He or his companion Terra accompany staff to preschools to help educate students about their species.



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