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The Ohio Bird Sanctuary Junior Naturalist program started in 2000 as an opportunity for Jr. High and High School students to learn about wildlife and the environment, serve as ambassadors of the Sanctuary, and to have fun and fellowship in the outdoors. 

Our Junior Naturalists are involved at the Sanctuary as volunteers during the summer and at our special events. The group also meets to participate in various projects and education opportunities both at the Sanctuary and off-site. Since the Program's beginning, the group has gone on various off-site trips and participated in many nature-related service projects. Some of the places we have visited include: Penitentiary Glen Rehabilitation Facility in Kirtland, the Cleveland Museum, Back to the Wild, and the Seneca Caverns. We also traveled to Nelsonville to ride the Hocking Hills Canopy Tour zip-line and the Toledo Zoo to visit the Karner Blue Butterfly project. This is a very active group of self-motivated and environmentally conscious young people. 




Becoming a Junior Naturalist

Junior Naturalists must be students ages 13-18 years old.  The program's calendar year is February-November, so students who are interested in the program will be invited to apply in January. If you are interested in becoming a Junior Naturalist or want to learn more about the program, please use the link below.


 Becoming a Junior Naturalist 


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