Nature Camps


Our Nature Camps, offered throughout the year, are a fantastic and fun way to immerse your child in the study of the natural world. Research indicates that children who understand more about the natural world around them will be better citizens of it. Our camps are a perfect way to spend the day when school is not in session. Our professional staff incorporates games, hikes, crafts, animal encounters, learning activities, and healthy snacks around a central theme. 

Our camps are open to students ages 6-12 years old.
Students who are 6 years old need to be 6 by the camp date and have completed kindergarten.

Camp Schedule

 Spring Evening Camp (5:30pm - 9:30pm)

April 13

Come explore the sights and sounds of nature at dusk! This evening camp will include a night hike, games, crafts, and s'mores around a bonfire!

Pre-Registration is required. $30 Registration Fee.  Download registration form here: Spring Camp Registration Form


Summer Camp (9:00am - 1:00pm)

June 12-14: Curious About Critters

Ohio is home to many interesting critters! Come learn about birds, mammals, reptiles, and more!

June 19-21: Survival Camp

Could you survive out in the woods? Learn survival techniques such as shelter & fire building!

July 9-11: Nature Detectives

Nature can be mysterious and fascinating. Thankfully, it leaves a lot of clues for us to investigate. From looking for tracks in the dirt to dissecting owl pellets, we will study the clues left behind by the animals all around us.


July 17-19: Extreme Nature

Are you as fast as a falcon? Can you jump higher than a bullfrog? Have you ever seen a carnivorous plant? Animals and plants have amazing abilities! Come explore the adaptations that allow these plants and animals to be EXTREME!


August 7-9: Survival Camp

Could you survive out in the woods? Learn survival techniques such as shelter & fire building!


Pre-Registration is required.  Download registration form here: Summer Camp Registration Form
 $90 Registration Fee/3-day Camp. Payment and registration forms may be mailed in or dropped off at the Sanctuary. 
Credit cards can be accepted in person or over the phone. 



If you have any questions about Ohio Bird Sanctuary Nature Camps, please use the link below.

 Nature Camp Questions 


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