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Live Bird Presentations

(Some of our programs require a down payment or full payment at time of scheduling. )



Meet three of our avian ambassadors! Learn how an owl uses stealth to capture prey, marvel at a falcon's ability to exceed speeds of 200 mph, observe a hawk's ability to focus, or perhaps learn new facts that will make you appreciate the role of vultures.

Programs can be tailored to your group's needs. 

Groups of 50 or less: $115                       Groups of 50 or more: $175



A 45 minute program designed specifically for preschool, multi-handicapped, and assisted living centers. Informative and interactive.
(For groups of 25 individuals or less; not including teachers & aids)

Hands on interaction with a variety of domestic animals and a visit from an owl. (note: owl can't be touched)

Cost: $75                   Add a tour for an additional $25 

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