Outreach Programs

Perhaps you would prefer that we come to you! That is a wonderful option, and we have programs that will work for classrooms of all ages as well as for libraries, senior centers, field days, displays, meetings, or even special events.

(Some of our programs require a down payment or full payment at time of scheduling. )

 Live Bird of Prey Programs 

This popular program is an educational, up close, live bird of prey presentation!

You can select the number of birds and request species for your programming needs.


Two Birds
 Cost: $125 - Audience size less than 50 
      $175 - Audience size of 50-125
              $225 - Audience size of 125 or more

Three Birds
 Cost: $175 - Audience size less than 50 
      $225 - Audience size of 50-125
              $325 - Audience size of 125 or more

Four Birds
 Cost: $225 - Audience size less than 50 
      $325 - Audience size of 50-125
               $425 -  Audience size of 125 or more


Cost for additional raptor programs on same day are reduced by $50, restrictions apply.

The birds pictured are not necessarily the individuals that would be visiting.




One Bird and an Activity

 This is a one bird presentation followed by a corresponding educational activity. Example: Owl presentation followed by owl pellet dissection.

Cost: $115 (limit of 25 students) $50 for additional program on same day.



Feathered Friends

This is a one-hour program specifically designed for preschools, multi-handicapped classes, and assisted living centers. It is informative and interactive. It includes hands-on interaction with two domestic animals (such as a bantam chicken, turtle, or dwarf rabbit) and an up close look at an owl (owl can't be touched).

(For groups of 40 or less)

Cost: $115 


Live Bird Display


Bring your event to life!

Displays can be tailored to your event and budgets.

**Set up restrictions apply for displays that include live birds.**


$60/hour for OBS naturalist, static display, and touchable items

$110/bird/hour for display that includes live birds. (Maximum of 4 hours)

(Example: The cost for 2 birds for 2 hours would be $440)

**Full payment is required for displays at time of scheduling**






 Call us today to schedule your outreach program! 419-884-HAWK(4295)

Please note the following additional fees may apply:
  • Travel fee: All programs outside of Richland County will include a travel fee. These are calculated by county. See link for cost OBS Travel Fees
  • After Hours charge: $25 fee for all programs after 4pm.
  • Excessive down time: If the time between multiple presentations exceeds one hour, an additional fee of $25 will be charged.  


Print an info sheet for Off-site Programs here


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