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Job Objective: The Administrative Assistant oversees the day to day administrative functions of the church. The Administrative Assistant oversees much of the communication of the church through bulletins, newsletter, and technology. They support the ministry of the church by acting as a personal secretary for the Lead Pastor and assisting staff when appropriate. The Administrative Assistant is the first point of contact to church members, quests and the community.

 RESPONSIBILITIES: Part-time position (25 hours/week) with established office hours 5 days week that are published to the community. The Office Manager will be required to do the following: 


  • Coordinate the day to day operation of the church office, facility, and volunteers.
  • Assist in the creation of and execution of regular communications with the congregation and community; including but not limited to weekly emails, newsletters, prayer  concerns, letters and mailings, flyers, newspapers/press releases, website, and social media platforms.
  • Answer the church telephone and greets visitors as necessary. 
  • Maintains and coordinates the master church calendar; including approving all church facility usage requests. 
  • Understands and/or has resources for the operation of and maintenance of office and computer equipment. 
  • Inventory and order office supplies.


  • Prepares worship bulletins and announcements; including those for funerals and special services. 
  • Have an understanding of copyright licenses for music, graphics, and intellectual  property. 


  • Ensure church files are maintained in an orderly manner that permits ready access.
  • Keep accurate records of usernames and passwords for all accounts.
  • Maintain church membership records and church directory; including current  addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. 
  • Keep congregational records up to date in our church management database: including an accurate record of baptisms, weddings, confirmations, and  funerals. 
  • Report and submit congregational statistics as required by the ELCA.
  • Provide updated membership rolls on an annual basis to Church Council.
  • Prepare and provide transfer letters as requested. 


  • Prepare bills for and deliver to accountant/bookkeeper. 
  • Maintain giving records for each contributor and mail quarterly statements.
  • Maintain tax information for gifts

    • Be helpful, pleasant, informative, and provide requested information.
    • Create a welcoming environment for people to enter the church office.
    • Provide a warm heart for all telephone calls, emails, and people who drop in. 



    • Maintain a high level of confidentially with personal and sensitive information and  communicate with the Lead Pastor directly any immediate concerns regarding  confidentially. 
    • Report to and will be reviewed by the Lead Pastor annually.  
    • Other duties as assigned by Lead Pastor and Council President.



    • Administrative Assistant accountable to the Pastor in day-to-day functions.
    • Annual performance review conducted by Counsel President and Pastor.



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