"Baby, it's cold outside!": Week 3, featuring Kevin!

"Baby, it's cold outside!": Week 3, featuring Kevin!

This week’s blog post features Kevin, our resident osprey!

The osprey is a fish-eating raptor that inhabits areas with open water. Although they can be found in this area in the spring and summer, they will head south for the winter, with many traveling as far as South America. There are some populations that reside year round in Florida.

Kevin was brought to the Sanctuary in the summer of 2016 after being found on the side of a road in Ashland. He did not have any obvious injuries, but his vision was questionable and he could not fly well. As we continued to observe him, we determined that he would not survive on his own in the wild, primarily due to his lack of coordination.

Ospreys can be difficult to rehabilitate. With some help from our fellow raptor rehabilitators, we were able to clicker train Kevin in order to feed him.  After a few weeks of this, he was eating on his own! He loves to eat whole fish and we are very grateful to Homestead Springs for donating trout to us!  

Kevin was a first-year bird, meaning that he had hatched that spring.  Being a predator can be a tough life: 50% of raptors do not survive their first year.  Since Kevin was found and brought to OBS, he got a second chance at life. He is a unique individual and we all love him!     

Now Kevin is in training to become an avian ambassador! Since ospreys typically migrate, we bring Kevin inside in the winter. Even inside, he loves to bathe and we usually find his enclosure to be very wet every other day!  

Kevin the osprey, inside for the winter

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